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Invest with Fund the North

Invest with Fund the North

The analogue venture investing industry has not moved in the last three decades. Join us in leveraging web3 as the rail to re-invent modern day venture investing.

  • Write a bigger cheque as a group

    By investing as a group, our members can write bigger cheques collectively. This brings the following advantages: 1) efficient deployment of capital, 2) meets the minimum threshold value for certain investment opportunities (i.e. more mature stage companies, and 3) have more say in shareholder votes.

  • Risk management

    By investing as a group, each syndicate member can write smaller individual cheques in accordance with their risk tolerance level. Fund the North does not have a minimum cheque size for its members to participate in deals.

  • Deal flow and convenience

    Fund the North team takes care of finding investment opportunities through its vast network and partnerships with incubators and tech transfer offices.

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Benefits for founders

Pitch your startup to Fund the North.

Clean cap table
When raising from Fund the North investors, founders can have up to 100 investors as one line item on their cap table.
Build your super fanbase
Each individual Fund the North investors can be turned to your super fan and help you access resources, expertise and network.

We the North, Fund the North
Join us in building the next generation of Toronto startups.

Lilith Wang

GP, Fund the North

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